Thursday, January 29, 2015

Johnathan Strange and Mr. Norrel still at Quinn's Pub

     "You may ask why do we love a book so much that has such a strange title?  No pun intended there."
     "Gha! Shabrat hurak mes ami."
     "Exactly, orc.  Susanna Clarke strikes it on the head with the way magic works in the actual fantasy world and her writing style can't be beat.  By the way I noticed the little French you dropped in there."
     "Bhogwar hurak towar dhshes."
     "Yes, it's a book that at once immerses you in a world and then draws you deeper into the wonder of magic.  Into the possibilities of being alive and what might be just beyond the veil in front of you."
   "Brok orcs o elant sheid."
   "True, there are no orcs in the book and elves are portrayed as rather cruel at times, but that's just the way it is.  Orcs aren't everywhere in fantasy.  Before I ran into you I hadn't seen an orc in almost a century.  And elves can be damn mean at times, trust me."
    "Hey Guthmog, it's your crow.  He's flown in the bar and hopped right on the table for those of you out there in the fantasy blogosphere who don't have a video link to this live blog."
    "Bashu bashu."
    "I don't think you'd better feed him on top of the bar.  He's going to peck the wood to pieces. Damn.  Here comes the bartender."
     "Gentleman, you can't have a crow in here."
     "Bashu woshmar."
     "What did the hairy guy say?"
     "He said that it's not an ordinary crow.  It's a seeing eye crow."
     "Really?  No way that's crazy.  He's not even blind."
     "Oh I assure you, his nose is much better than his eyes."
     "It's making pecking marks in the bar!"
      "We'll pay for those."
      "Is that a sword you have down there."
       "Nope, it's just a cane.  See this white hair?  Isn't this Seattle? You've got a guy who needs a seeing eye crow and an old person who needs a cane.  No big deal right?"
      "Are you two live blogging in here?"
      "Yes indeed and we're currently taking opinions on Johnathan Strange and Mr. Norrel."
      "Now that was an awesome book.  I love all the history and the magic and stuff."
      "Bashu Stange Noral."
      "What did he say?"
      "Just that there are a lot of crows in the book and that's a big reason he loved it."
      "Yeah, I guess crows are cool.  Just don't let him light up that pipe.  No smoking in here."
       "Jarat Seattle kal!"
       "What did he say?"
       "Uh, he said, that's cool. Anyways thanks for the beer.  Here's some coin."
       "Is that real gold?"
        "It should cover the damage to the bar.  Come on Guthmog, let's head down to Pike Place and get some of those hot tiny cinnamon donuts.  Our next books are up for discussion."
        "Lad Rangs and Slamn."
        "Yes that would be The Lord of the Rings and the Silmarillion.  We're going to do it all in one go at Pike Place and we're going to get you some more coffee."

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